Bolama is now present in Africa

August 4th2018 Arrival to  Douala International Airport

The arrival of Bolama’s Cameroon CEO Mr. Mohammadi aimed to open a branch of Bolama in Cameroon for the sale of cryptocurrency including bitcoin. We conducted interviews with the tax specialist Mr. Atiomo to inquire about the legal documents to be established. This is the status and settlement at the notary, the commercial register, the Ministry of Telecommunications and Finance license, the tax documents, and the OAPI.

August 5th 2018 in the office of fiscals Mr. ATIOMO FRANKI

We opened the BOLAMA SUARL accounts and two personal accounts linked by Internet Banking.

We met several times with the first currency manager and eventually signed a super-agent contract.

From August 6TH to August 12th 2018 in first currency office.

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